Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prism Tv 7 Inch TV's And Trucks!?

TV's and Trucks!? - prism tv 7 inch

The load compartment of a truck is a rectangular prism measuring 8 feet by 21 feet by 11 feet. Each TV is 1.5 meters by 1 and two-thirds of the feet, 1 and third legs. How many TV sets can be loaded into the truck?

PS-If you focus, so as to select the best answer, do not forget to show your work. Thank you.


mathsman... said...

They could be with the volume of cargo space starting at 8 * 21 * 11th Then the volume of a TV for 3 / 2 * 5 / 3 * 4 / 3. calculated The distribution of the last to first give you the widest possible if you have the necessary form needs. Now we have to consider how much could be longitudinal, transverse, one on another, etc. This could mean you get less than the theoretical maximum. And no, I will do for you!

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