Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weight Training Accessories Weight Training?

Weight Training? - weight training accessories

I decreased body fat and loss account of 10PD with some cardio and light resistance (stretching bands). But I want to get the definition of the muscle mass in my upper and lower body. I take the best weight loss to strength training into my training regime
And develop 3-4 times per week and have at least 50 minutes cardio and sit-ups every two days 3-400.

Does anyone know a website for advice and good or images in strength training to lose weight?


Linda K. Hibbard said...

Have you seen or heard about “The Burn Machines?” They are hand-held weighted barbell type units designed with 360-degree rotating grips & some have an “asymmetrical sliding counterweight” to allow for total control and versatility during your workouts. 6 different styles & weights are available; “Speed Bags,” “Cross Trainers,” and “The Ultimate Burn Machine.” Check out all the videos on The Burn Machines on You can purchase any of the 6 Burn Machine models now, during our Holiday Celebration Sale at 10% off at:

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