Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Korean Birth Congratulations How Do You Say In Korean, Congratulations On The Birth Of Your Baby Girl.?

How do you say in Korean, congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.? - korean birth congratulations

축하 드립니다.
chu ka-deu-rim-ni-da.


okcomter said...

Choo Ka Hae!

(= Congratulations!)

Choo dryo ka yo!

(= Congratulations!)

If the sentence more in the same direction, ie, they are less formal and more relaxed.

naz b said...

Chook has so naa SOH heh yoh!
AA ANA is a long vowel, so its really not, but that is the longest part.

♥Mommy to 20 month old Jacob♥ said...

Babel Fish I tried but could not see the signs ... I'm sorry.

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