Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wooden Swing Models Where Can I Get Information On An Antique Singer Sewing Machine, Serial Number G9219103?

Where can I get information on an antique Singer sewing machine, serial number G9219103? - wooden swing models

I've recently bought an old Singer sewing machine. I think it is a model of 127th It has a coil "long. It is a round wooden board. It is a pedal machine. It has an electric motor to an arm that" change "in the back for its operation. (This is in connection, it is not used, is the arm of the motor, rotate the arm in the machine to ensure supply. I believe the singer came with a kind of conversion kit for the pedals and cranks to 1919? "I find no information about a machine built that this engine type.


Rick said...

Them is a model of 15 (over 127 templates) released 30th December 1910 in Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada.
I hope its nice. Only the good ones are very rare.
Cool anyway.

Midnight... said...

Particular kind of information?

Here is a pretty decent:

I have some decent information there if I tried to find things on my grandmother of the singer.

Diane B said...

The machine was made between 1921 and 1923. Watch this site and others trying to singer ...

I've recently bought at auction in 1914 still works, such as fever and use myself. It is awesome

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