Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fresh Young Lolas How Does A Fresh Young Talented Guy Like Me Move Across The Country To Somehwhere Better?

How does a fresh young talented guy like me move across the country to somehwhere better? - fresh young lolas

I am a fast learning, hardworking man who was the American dream, wants without the university. Suggestions as to where to go or what to do?


Epistomo... said...

I went to relatives of a friend for a few months to live, until it was established that, then found a room for rent.

I have to find work immediately with a temporary employment firms.

Then I went to better jobs after a few years, I have the university. The difference between me and was all that I knew why I was in college, and took it seriously.

The answer is simple, himself) on a bus (in my Vespa, take the road and trust the instincts. Keep away from drugs, wash and brush her teeth, and you will do well where they land.

Don H said...

We need to understand that happiness is not a place.

It does not matter where you are, if you will allow you to be happy at last.

Love and blessings Don

burning brightly said...

The entertainment industry is going, it does not require a college talent ~ ~

BASTION de la BASTIONE said...

Everything you do is a peaceful mind is the best way to start. Inspiration and genius you in the quiet moments you take to get to hear. Anything you can do to practice the art of the mind, and you will be more focused and do in the situation. It defines the spirit seems to us to see many more to "luck," said an exhausted mind.

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