Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Graves Disease And Candida What Are The Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism Or Graves Disease?

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism or graves disease? - graves disease and candida

I would like from people who have personal experience with this hearing, because I think he may be in the early stages of the disease, Graves'. my doctor wants to perform blood tests and an ultrasound of my thyroid, but I can not now because they have no health insurance. I have to wait until there is a way to pay for these tests and nothing else, if they the disease. definitely my thyroid is enlarged, and I unintentionally lost weight.


Macy K said...

I had Graves disease, can help '(in remission now), then maybe I can make that happen. It is certainly something you should be careful, but it may be a way you can get a free clinic or something to a simple blood test. Practically, what led me to the doctor was initially that he had lost weight to try without really. He also had an insatiable appetite. Other symptoms until later remarked, dry skin, headache (my eyes I thought it was a sinus infection, until I realized that I once had my grave under control), mood swings, irritability (one of the main reasons that immediately get the influence graves of their personality ... It is the anxiety, irritability, inattention, etc. is the cause.) Good luck and feel better! Fortunately, weight loss, the tombs very treatable, but without giving any reason is a symptom of serious illness can so that it is essential that they must receive care.

Dr Adam said...

some symptoms of the disease, Graves' feet have blisters sudden inability to go in the good company of foot pain, hair loss, and loss of eyesight and hearing. I am not a person who has, but I read the story of a woman who

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