Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pokemon - Silver Online Where Can I Buy Pokemon Heart Gold Or Soul Silver Online?

Where Can I buy pokemon heart gold or soul silver online? - pokemon - silver online

I waited for heart gold on the Japanese version of Pokemon, but do not know where to buy. Do not say ebay because people will sell for around $ 70. I mean that in the Japanese Internet I can buy one. I am sure that international shipping is less than the Ebay. Even if you could that extra mile for me to go and explain where to click and what not read Japanese. Thank you.


Inuyasha... said...

If you can not read Japanese, then why not the games!?

KY said...

what you can do is go and download the roms free. There is also an English test for the menu and battle scenes, so that you can achieve.
Check this out, so
theres really no reason to buy, games, now that everything can be downloaded free of charge

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