Friday, November 6, 2009

Tender Breasts Causes More Condition_symptoms Causes For Tender Breasts?

Causes for tender breasts? - tender breasts causes more condition_symptoms

In the last 3-4 days my breasts were very painful. The sensitivity is outside of my breasts. Even if I do not feel the bumps, I can, the hardness and thickness of the connective tissue in the region. I normally some premenstrual pain, but nothing serious and is still my period of 10 days. I also had tenderness in my first pregnancy, but not until the age of 6 weeks. If I'm pregnant, I can not be further from 2 weeks and I have no other symptoms. Anyone who has ideas of what could cause this or ways we ease the pain?


theewok8... said...

One of my friends had a pain in the breasts more caffeine. Try to reduce the consumption of soda or coffee. But it is important that you tell your doctor, ask if possible.

happy. said...

You go to your doctor.
could take the form of punches, for example by disease or cancer.
not trying to scare.
or take maybe just a dream.
Do You Sleep Walking?

LM_night... said...

What have you done lately for

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