Friday, November 6, 2009

Girls Giving Wedgies To Boys Does Anyone Know How To Beat Up 3 Kids At The Same Time?

Does anyone know how to beat up 3 kids at the same time? - girls giving wedgies to boys

Bad Boy in the nerds, children, toddlers, loves to give wedgie, it hurts people, name calling like Pantsing happy people too. Class 6, for the injured man and a great club like!


dread pirate lavenderbeard said...

So, I'm too old to be on a single 6th Degrees, but when I do, I would definitely pick ut the first thing her hands and put him down with might ... hard. If not let me hit even harder. If I wanted to cut it without a trace, he would use pepper spray, then hit him in the ass. Treat me to a very humbling experience to be a tyrant, she rarely makes shit.

hi said...

Yes Punch 1 in the face of the other in the stomach and then ur super ninja powers cookie 2 kik kik all at the same time as the division

x said...

UM will play the tyrant of the game that gives you some more ideas or u should not do that would eventually make someone U

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