Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sounds For Dora The Can Anyone Tell Me If This Sounds Like Autism?

Can anyone tell me if this sounds like autism? - sounds for dora the

It has 26 months and does not speak much - the words that he said that doesn'a more to say - and cheese sandwich and never said those words before - but only learned to count to 5 and even though their words can not be deleted will know what he says. He has played little interest in other children, but not with others. It has always been a boy to his mother and remains - hugs and kisses make me all the time and eye contact. He is very intelligent and can all puzzle that you give, loves Dora (I can only say, and) Dora Backpack and Map, and knows how to properly play with his toys. He put just a lot of toys into a bucket and then dump it out and then again and again and again made. I have been - they come to me on Monday, but thought it might be a mother or father out there who could let me know what you think.


catzrme said...

Sounds like a typical month of 26 years for me. I worked with children with autism and evaluated, it is not known. Repetition is not necessarily a sign of autism, but this could be a sign of discovery and curiosity. Maybe he just likes the sound of the things they do when they "jail" together, or just have fun.

He deserves it. Some children are deep thinkers and like to see the why of things. It can only try to determine where the sound came. You never know.

Good luck, my dear. Do not worry too much.

bettyboo... said...

I am the mother of an autistic son, so I am familiar with autism. The things you describe could be just a normal child. My nephew did not speak until he was three. We all thought that something is wrong with him and now we will not be silent. Do not worry, until he is evaluated. As of Monday will have their opinion about it. My son could not speak, had to hug her and kiss her, had no contact with eyes, never played with toys in the right way, never with other children that I see many things that played appear normal in comparison with that what I saw in my son. You can relax now and take care of him and her.

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