Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pinky Free Trailers Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Cheap Frozen Pinkies With Free Shipping?

Does anyone know where i can get cheap frozen pinkies with free shipping? - pinky free trailers

I live in Southern California. Could you ask the site if they


madsnake... said...

No rodents deliver frozen. You need an insulated box filled with dry ice and must be delivered today to tomorrow, which is not cheap. It can cost $ 30, so that nobody loses money to send for free. If you live in Southern California, there are tons of places you can go. A mention LLL reptiles, located in Oceanside. There are prehistoric creatures in Fountain Valley, outside of Huntington Beach. No vessel of rodents, but a shop where you can go shopping.

the_dude... said...

You can try to lllreptiles --

Pro or rodents that specializes in feeding rodents.

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