Thursday, November 5, 2009

Was Ist Off White I Have A Gold Fish With Ist Tail Bit Off I Was Wondering If Itll Grow Back And What I Can Do To Help It?

I have a gold fish with ist tail bit off i was wondering if itll grow back and what i can do to help it? - was ist off white

It is a golden fish has its tail fantail away from another in the back of 5 gallons


lady_cro... said...

Another reason goldfish should be in large containers, are territorial in smaller tanks.
The rule is a goldfish or baby fish require less "fancy" goldfish per 10 liters. (Peacocks, black Muslims pray, etc.) Baby / Young people need to fish more than 20 liters of red-bodied fish. (Comets idea Shubunkin). An adult will atleast 50-60 gallons per fish because they receive, 12-14 cm long.
Adequately house the fish and keep the water clean and queues in the week partial water changes regrowth. If you do not get your aquarium dreadfully bad, being small, they're dying.
You should also update your filter level below what is goldfish the size of the tank as much ammonia and excrete much need oxygen dissolved in water is recommended. If you are an aquarium 20 gallons, get a filter that takes care of a pool of 30-40 liters. If you do not move the fish in a big tank, then you need to find a place to live or to the Petstore.

odafintu... said...

If I were you and I had this problem could be the best idea I'd go to put your special little fish in a gallon with 5-10 small aquarium pump, water to be treated with "tail rot and medicine END" at the pet store or sometimes Walmart to buy and add a few tablespoons of salt to the aquarium water to heal faster, and make sure it is the only fish that is in the aquarium to the tail back, but to grow again after it has not gone too far. Good Luck

double b said...

He should just push him time and put some stress coat in water can help to grow faster

double b said...

He should just push him time and put some stress coat in water can help to grow faster

Oranda said...

Can no real queue, it to regenerate parts of a dorsal fin. Finrays The ends of the bones, where the membranes are not damaged too much and can grow new between them develop. In some of the fins of the goldfish as the rest of the queue is too large, and the damaged part is always a little shorter, but grows like a tail that can not be with the top and the shorter "enough". If another cut of fish tail can be displayed, even when growing the entire file. Sometimes, when the membrane between the rays in May divided pressing the membrane starts since the end of the division of the fish to grow and can grow to the utmost. But it moves the tail fin, can not the edges of the division to each other and hold the tail of the fish life can be shared. If the fish are otherwise healthy and safe environment, especially in captivity, usually damaged the tail does not disturb the fish.

quepie said...

It may not be a mouthful, but in May a case of decomposition of the fin. In this case, there is no cure for it in your pet.

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