Saturday, January 30, 2010

Annual Income Calculator Retirees: How Much Money Have You Given Yourself To Live Off Of, And Are You Satisfied?

Retirees: How much money have you given yourself to live off of, and are you satisfied? - annual income calculator

I know there are one million on-line calculator for these things, but I want opinions like a real person.

If you are retired - at what age to retire, which is assigned the amount of annual income and has given of the amount of "luxury" or lack of? Just curious, as my pension is to be seen in comparison with reality ....


Ron said...

This gives them a series of reactions in this case. There is no ideal "amount of the pension. Can take a person per year, U.S. $ 100,000 will because they want to travel around the world. Others may forgive $ 30,000 for paying all their expenses and just want to hang loose.

Do you worry that they are not saved enough?

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