Sunday, January 17, 2010

Future Acura Need Advice On My 91 Acura Legend Coupe?

Need advice on my 91 acura legend coupe? - future acura

I have a 91 Acura Legend coupe and there is still much work Cosmetics (inside and out). I think the mechanics are good, but not sure in and 160,000 miles. I was wondering if the value is fixed or I have a big problem with him in the future? has a 3.2L V6, and I really do not know much about cars.


Kenny said...

It is not worth the money, which is not running. This car is worth $ 2500 if in excellent condition.

e40 said...

Acura cars are very good, can be expensive for those involved. If oil more than 400,000 Meile Last radicals, everything depends if u like the car, why not. If you want to keep to have a local mechanic @ throw a glance to see whether it works.

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