Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gfi Fax I Need Fax Software That Will Allow My Computer To Recieve And Print Incoming Faxes. What Software Is Needed?

I need fax software that will allow my computer to recieve and print incoming faxes. What software is needed? - gfi fax

I have installed a computer with a fax modem multiport cards already. I just need a software that allows the computer to receive faxes and print incoming fax lines. I do not need the software route faxes to an e-mail or fax order in any way. You only need to print faxes. What brand of software should I do. Search (He studied FAXmaker and this seems to be concentrating mail routing and queue)


Fax to Email Software said...

For me the best fax software I have seen is from RingCentral that easily integrates with any Windows and Microsoft Office applications. Unfortunately, it comes with their paid service.

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