Sunday, January 24, 2010

Omeprazole How Long To Take Has Anyone Been On Omeprazole For A Long Time?

Has anyone been on omeprazole for a long time? - omeprazole how long to take

Ive on omeprazole for 5 years, I have a hiatal hernia and erosion confluent in my throat, I have tried other medicines, but nothing works, should be taken omeprazole for 5 months but the pain you get when you try Thomas is terrible, IM, and I am now worried to go the doctors of tomorrow, because I lost 11 pounds may be made within 5 days, I hardly eat when I'm doing well in the first time after 15 minutes and then I found my face swollen and painful, and I sing to eat, I had my appetite anyway, yesterday, I can eat anything and I always felt bloated, I is the throat and palate, sensitive, what happens to a healthy diet. IV IN convinced she had cancer, you can advise me, please


bongo said...

Ive also taking omeprazole for many years and have the same symptoms when they try to escape.
The doctor told me ulcers and stomach acid is worse.ive said that ulcers heal, but it is better to stay on the medication when they return.

Cold Coffee!!!! said...

You must therefore continue to benefit, perhaps because it has a high acidity occurs.
Do not eat junk, fatty foods. No alcohol, no food high in fat, like beef or pork and no drugs or snuff.
You do not have cancer, just heartburn cause more damage if you stop the medication.

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