Saturday, January 23, 2010

Car Auctions Nb Are Impound Car Auctions Available To The General Public In California?

Are impound car auctions available to the general public in California? - car auctions nb

I want to visit some auctions, confiscate cars and I'm not sure if they are open to the public in California, or you need some type of licensing agency.


Superman said...

They should, but the auctions themselves remain discrete advertising for the auction, the car can even increase the bill to the seizure of an additional choice, then sell property in the runoff election in real time to use a different full once more and without any part of their profits with the owner of the vehicle impounded avoid previous bill.

If I still remember the retailer was not permitted to sell a car before, but one from a dealer on a trade that would have simply not buy the equipment needs of smog or other. Because the dealer can not sell these cars to consumers, sold to people with dealer license as a deposit.

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BankerLa... said...

They are open to the public ..

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