Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Retaining Wall Sliding Cheap Construction With Good Quality? PLEASE HELP!!!?

Cheap construction with good quality? PLEASE HELP!!!? - retaining wall sliding

If you have any idea how my husband and I can not build a) construction of a retaining wall that looks good, but a fortune b) a bridge and into a patio sliding door without spending a fortune, and c) put up a fence around the garden without spending a fortune?

We have a high retaining wall 3 ", which is about 35 'long. I also have a 3.5' fence in my garden and a fence 6 'in my garden. We also have a small bridge on the ground floor about 10 'x 12' or more, and the call of a large window and put in a sliding patio door to the terrace and courtyard.

When I want the fence, the garden is about 35 'horizontally and is on (which is a type of proposal) 30' vertically. Back yard dimensions approximately () 60 'vertical and 10' horizontally. (Not much room between garage and house)


Koonass said...

Landscape forests are better than the best. You can terraces and secure are the least expensive. Make sure the contractor is an anchor made of wood, every 8 feet or less. Knock out the window and put a door is actually very easy, I tell you man to try to solve that one with the lid. If it can be a ground-level package, the re-by a practical basis, instead of buying a real basis for the items using formed. If you save money. Get located 3 contractors to provide offers and go with a center in the. try, because they ensure all contractors screen prior to that they have been properly trained.

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