Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Google Lamp Fuel I Need A Recipe To Make My Own Effusion Lamp Oil.?

I need a recipe to make my own effusion lamp oil.? - google lamp fuel

I make my own lamp oil spill. Higher quality varieties commercially available is too expensive. I searched Yahoo and Google, and can not find what I need. HELP! Thank you.


Ashti said...

Wow, you're right. It's terribly difficult to get a "see how" about the spills. I googled and found that some of a discharge lamp also call a catalytic burner, and once I looked so good, the much larger gains, but I found something prove, May 's useful.

Here are two things that I found.

A web site copy, not the text can be found, but he said:
Find a site that sells perfume table, try rubber-scented oil. Using 2 teaspoons oil to 16 ounces 91% alcohol, a mixture of the oil in a little acetone and pour into the bottle of alcohol.

Thrifty Fun has a different:
16 oz fl ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 91% VOL. (473 ml) (Do not use "ethyl" or any other kind of alcohol.)

, 3 oz FRAGRANCE OIL (8.86 ml)
Add more oil if you want a strong odor. Try to reflect the rise in oil fragrance
Increments of 1 ounces

I buy alcohol at Wal-Mart. The perfume (.3 oz) is equal to 1 3 / 4 c. Tea. So far I've tried different brands of scented oils with no problems. I dId say that some oils are stronger than others, and I had to be diluted with more alcohol. I am the right oil in the alcohol, to label the package with the name of the perfume. My friend bought oil on E-Bay and has a very good deal. It's just a fragrance. Not like me, I have a dozen different flavors, which I use. So far, I like my fragrance lamp. But I have a couple of months. I wonder how long the stone. I think time will show.


Basically, it seems, alcohol 91% '+' Perfume '=' oil spill. "There was some confusion about whether or not it was a good use of essential oils, but the difference between fragrance and essential oils considered that the essential oil extracted from plants (in the" water or steam, for example) and perfumes are produced synthetically.

I do not know why essential oils is not really the question that remained unanswered on the site.

In addition, the Post did not indicate which Thrifty Alcoget it used, but the other said: "I was a small bottle of oil was the joy of Christmas, my man a few years ago with 16 ounces of alcohol 91% compared to Walmart. It smells really good. My price was about $ 1 , 00 "

Well .. that .. not much, but perhaps enough? Good luck and here's hope that works:)

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